Szószóló Foundation

The Szószóló (Spokesperson) Foundation for Patients’ Rights was founded in 1994 Budapest, Hungary. The Foundation’s members are lawyers, physicians, advisors on medical ethics and sociologists.

The main goals of the Szószóló Foundation are as follows:

In order to realize the above-mentioned goals the Foundation organizes debates and conferences and is open to and supportive of any initiative related to the subject.

Patients’ rights form part of the civil rights to which each individual or patient is entitled when using health care services.

The declaration of patients rights has an important role in the development of health care services in Hungary, where patients should be considered active partners and responsible participants in their own treatment rather than passive observers.

In a patient-centered health care system, patients are able to take responsibility for their own health and can expect health care workers to involve them - if the patients so desire - in the important issues as regards their treatment and recovery.

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